News Round-Up 3/10/14

Come one, come all. Welcome to the first of what will ideally be a series of daily news round-ups covering general world happenings and issues. Please read and share, voice any and all opinions, and please remember to comment as if your mother would be reading it. Thanks and felicitations. (Additionally – like what you see? Want to see more of something? Leave a comment!)

flickr / ianloic
flickr / ianloic

General International:

  • Patience, technology, and black boxes – a plane has gone missing and everyone wants to know why. Meanwhile, “false leads” are a setback as the multinational hunt for the aircraft continues.
  • Russia is making moves in Crimea.
  • NATO has sent aircraft to monitor the Ukraine as its political turmoil stirs unrest in Eastern Europe.
  • The Future of War project brings you some thoughts on cyberwar hitting the Ukraine.
  • At CFR, Amelia M. Wolf feels escalating tensions in Bosnia and Herzegovina have more to do with economics than sectarian prejudice.
  • An attack by a group of Swedish Neo-Nazis has left one critically injured and the country in uproar.

United States:

  • The American uninsurance rate has fallen following millions of Obamacare sign-ups.
  • Edward Snowden is weighing in via camera at SXSW and feels Americans need to save the internet from the NSA.
  • Chris Christie’s had a bad month or so and it’s really only going to get worse.
  • Senate Dems are planning an all-nighter on climate change, which we can only pray will involve pizza and the nation’s leaders sporting plaid pajamas.

Middle East:

  • The United States may have its hands full keeping Israel on board while easing tensions with Iran.
  • Protestors in Beirut are demanding action on a domestic violence bill.
  • Drones do not exist solely as an American means of targeting terror suspects in the AfPak region – Israel fears drone warfare from both Lebanon and Gaza.
  • Youth activism in the Gulf States is driving change, and the Atlantic Council has an issue brief to assert that.
  • In Israel, approximately 50 youths have written a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refusing to serve in the Israeli military (IDF) as a means of protesting Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian Territories.
  • A Muftah opinion piece notes that Lebanon’s recent ruling deeming homosexuality to be neither” a crime” nor “against nature” has incredible implications for those outside of the gay/lesbian spectrum — in fact, the media has been greatly overlooking the implications for the country’s transgender community, as well as for the whole of the LGBTQ population in Lebanon and the region as a whole.
  • Libya has seized an oil tanker.

South Asia:

  • The most dangerous job in Pakistan? Al Jazeera says it’s defusing IEDs.
  • Public outrage has followed the deaths of many children in Pakistan’s Sindh region as malnutrition and negligence abound.


  • What exactly is the “Ship of Death”? Readers may have differing opinions regarding the work of Women on Waves, a Dutch non-profit organization that travels around the world visiting countries with restrictive abortion laws and bringing women into international waters in order to perform the medical procedure. The whole process is legal due to a loophole in international law, which dictates that the laws of the home country become the default when in such situations. The Daily Beast has more.
  • Anne Murphy Paul contributes to a string of pieces involving race and education with a bit on when “images of diversity” fail to reflect the bigger picture.
  • Ann Coulter continues to be charming, suggests “death squads” should probably be created if immigration reform makes it through congress.

Daily Wow: Photographs show an ancient tradition — honey hunting in Nepal.


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