News Round-Up 3/11/14

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flickr / godwin d
flickr / godwin d

Assorted Stand-Outs:

Russia’s willingness to violate Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty is the gravest challenge to the European order in over half a century. The conflict pits a vast nuclear power against a state equal in size to France, an autocratic regime against a revolutionary government. The Russian intervention in Ukraine raises questions about the security guarantees that the West made to Ukraine after the country gave up its nuclear weapons in 1994, and it flies in the face of many Europeans’ belief that, in recent years, a continental war has become all but impossible. The end result may be the emergence of a third Russian empire or a failed Ukrainian state at the center of Europe.

  • Cultural appropriation, now more expensive than ever! Paul Smith now has Peshawari chappals just for you and they’ll only cost you GBP 300.
  • The NYT announces a new blog to replace Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight, and all this after Ezra Klein left WaPo so really journalism as we know it is changing rapidly.
  • President Obama has a humorous streak.

United States:

  • Senator Dianne Feinstein has publicly accused the CIA of spying on Congress.
  • Louisiana is supposedly becoming the new Hollywood — but at a potentially steep price.
  • Daily Beast has a pretty classic headline on Heather Mizeur, the “pro-pot lesbian” running for governor of Maryland.
  • Youth on reservations are experiencing something of a ‘suicide crisis‘ due in no small part to the poor economic and social conditions that plague reservations throughout the country.

South Asia:

  • The Pakistani army has lost roughly twice the number of soldiers as American troops in the fight against the Taliban.
  • In Chhattisgarh, Maoists have killed 16 in a surprise attack.
  • Safety flaws in review of Bangladeshi factories.
  • A Swedish-British journalist has been shot and killed in Afghanistan. He was en route to interview a survivor of the Lebanese restaurant bombing in Kabul. The shooting occurred in a heavily Western-frequented area, leading to heightened concerns regarding Westerners in the city.
  • The former Vice President of Afghanistan has been laid to rest. He died of natural causes.
  • Pakistan is ready to launch a full-scale military operation if talks with the Taliban fail. Get ready.
  • On that note, it seems like the military may not be involved in talks between the Pakistani government and the Taliban. Pakistan previously suffered under martial law for a significant period of time, and completed its first democratic transition last year.

Latin America:

  • A student protest leader has been shot and killed in the rioting taking place in Venezuela. Meanwhile the crisis is taking a toll on business within the country.
  • El Salvador is seeing a ‘near-tie‘ in its presidential election.


  • Russia claims there is ‘unrest‘ in Crimea as troops seize control of the city. Meanwhile Sec. of State John Kerry has declined to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and has opted instead to send a list of ‘questions’ his way.
  • The far right has come to power in the Ukraine.
  • A boy injured in Genzi Park who had been in a coma has died, leading to uproar in Turkey.

Middle East/North Africa (MENA):

  • UNICEF says Syria is one of the most dangerous places in the world for children.
  • Israel has passed its controversial governance law through the Knesset. Al Jazeera says the law will kill minority representation and specifically affect Israeli Arabs who already experience rampant discrimination.
  • The Project on Middle East Democracy has sent President Obama a letter encouraging him to discuss repression in Bahrain with the king of Saudi Arabia during his upcoming visit to the country. The kingdom has played a prominent role in encouraging crackdowns on protestors and calls for reform within the neighboring country.
  • Arabic, education, and MOOCs — does this signal a shift?
  • The Libyan parliament has ousted its Prime Minister after a no-confidence vote.
  • Hezbollah is gaining unprecedented military skills fighting in Syria. One guess as to who’s not pleased.
  • An imam’s arrest in Tunisia has sparked controversy and debate.

East Asia:

Daily Wow: A ski race with….horses.    |  Also snowy: life and happiness in Siberia.

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