News Round-Up 3/14/14

Happy Friday! Blog will be on vacation Saturday/Sunday and will return Monday full of exciting things. By which I mean, we ideally will know just what exactly happened to that plane by then… Also. It’s Pi Day.

flickr / GGAADD / deportation protest
flickr / GGAADD / deportation protest

Last minute edit: Immigrant detainees on hunger strike in Washington are being threatened with force-feeding.

Assorted Stand-Outs:

Middle East:

Israel & Palestine


  • A former Egyptian called the idea of free elections a ‘farce‘ and then walked it back faster than you can say freedom of speech.



  • Members of a wedding party were killed in a blast in Anbar Province.

Saudi Arabia

  • A ‘SARS-like virus’ has killed a man. Ruh roh.


  • Syrian mediator at the UN talks says elections would spell disaster. Meanwhile, the Syrian parliament has approved a new election law.

South Asia:


  • Blasphemy laws: YouTube ban equated with stopping blasphemy; meanwhile, the use of blasphemy laws is on the rise, especially in Pakistan, where 97% of the population are Muslim.
  • 11 killed, 42 injured in Quetta blast. (Tribune) In Peshawar, another explosion killed an additional 8 people.
  • In Punjab, a rape victim who set herself on fire following the release of her rapist (on bail) has succumbed to her injuries.
  • Via Dawn: A debunking of the supposed Islamic sanctioning of child marriage.


  • At long last, Canada’s military involvement in the war comes to a close.
  • The Taliban are attacking poll campaign offices with grenades.


A girl was tonsured and paraded through her village for speaking to a male friend.

Latin America:


  • Women in Peru continue their long fight for justice over a series of forced sterilizations carried out half a century ago.



  • Sec. of State Kerry’s meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov appears to have gone poorly — the latter noted that their two countries shared ‘no common vision’ and denied allegations that Russia intends to invade the Ukraine despite a heavy troop build-up on the border.
  • The United States, Russia, and economic sanctions. (FP) Meanwhile, are Russian-U.S. cybersecurity talks in jeopardy?
  • Vladimir Golstein: The problems inherent within the Putin-Hitler comparisons.


A Turkic Muslim minority with deep roots on the Black Sea peninsula, the Crimean Tatars see themselves as a native population, though they have had to struggle to maintain their place in their homeland. Under the Soviets, the Tatars lived through collectivization, Stalin’s purges, World War II and, in 1944, a brutal ethnic cleansing that sent nearly 200,000 into exile in the Gulag and Central Asia, unfairly accused of collaboration with the Nazis. Nearly half are believed to have died.


  • In Moldova, a sign of things to come in the Ukraine?


  • A guide to Turkey’s tape scandal, plus more.
  • Gulen, Erdogan, and democracy in Turkey: AJ.



  • The small West African country has announced it will abandon English as a ‘colonial relic‘ in favor of its native languages.

Sierra Leone

  • Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, Sierra Leone’s ‘peacemaker president’ has died.


  • A French airstrike has killed a Mali rebel commander.

United States:

  • The United States is prepared to let BP back into Gulf Waters.
  • A Tantamount inmate has penned a compelling letter.
  • The complicated and intersectional reasons why black women are so much more likely to die of cancer.
  • Mark Zuckerberg apparently complained to Obama about privacy….?
  • In addition to hiring a total lack of diversity to power his new project, Ezra Klein also hired a gay man who hates other queer people, so that’s nice.

Daily Wow: In protest of Assad and Putin, Syrians raise the Ukrainian flag.

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