News Round-Up 3/19/14

flickr / Spiva Arts / diversity mask
flickr / Spiva Arts / diversity mask

Edited to add:

Assorted Standouts:

South Asia:


  • NYT: What Pakistan knew about Bin Laden.
  • Multiple blasts and deaths in Pakistan’s most dangerous regions. The current count has 6 dead, 7 injured.



  • India is being urged to declassify a war report regarding the rationale behind its loss in a 1962 war with China. A journalist posted portions of it that now appear to have been taken down. The press is not pleased.

Middle East/North Africa:

Israel & Palestine

  • Israel has hit multiple points in Syria in retaliation for the deaths of several soldiers. The country warned Assad against any retaliation.
  • On a two-state solution, Palestinians are divided.
  • NYT: Linguistics and conflict, a dialogue.


  • Syrian troops have captured a village near the Lebanese border.
  • The United States has ordered a cease in diplomatic relations with Syria, which will affect its embassy in DC and its consulates in Michigan and Texas. After calling the presence of its embassy an ‘insult’ Sec. of State John Kerry said: “And we closed it…It’s that simple.”


  • A bomb factory raid in Egypt has killed two troops.


  • Nuke talkes have been adjourned to April 7-9.


  • Al Jazeera: Iraqi Kurds have shown a shocking lack of solidarity with Syrian Kurds, despite a long history of support from the latter. In fact, racism and exploitation have followed Syrian Kurds at every turn.


Southeast Asia:



  • Thailand has lifted its state of emergency.

East Asia:


  • Tensions between the mainland and Taiwan are currently boiling over as students occupy the Taiwanese legislature in protest of a trade agreement with mainland China.
  • China says none of its nationals on the Mysterious Missing Plane were ‘terrorists or malcontents.’
  • Controversy surrounds an activist’s death as the UN mulls a Chinese human rights report.



  • Perhaps not a Cold War so to speak, but it appears the great landmass of eastern Eurasia and the Western world are now engaged in a ‘chilly rivalry.’
  • France is under scrutiny for its warship deal with Russia.
  • Russia’s most-wanted rebel is dead, claims a website.
  • Russia would like you to all remember that it can still turn the United States of America into ‘radioactive dust‘. And by Russia I mean a TV anchor in Moscow.





  • In a gesture bringing to life memories and harkening back to other turbulent times, American Vice President Joe Biden promised protection to Poland.

Northeastern Africa:

South Sudan

  • UN says thousands killed and abused in South Sudan.

Latin America:


  • Venezuela targets opposition leader, via AJ.


New Zealand

United States:

  • Thom Shanker, a top-notch journalist and class-act, has departed the Pentagon for other pursuits. Here’s a transcript of a speech he gave at Stanford in 2007. Via FP: “From a memo by NYT Washington bureau chief Carolyn Ryan: “As you know, the Washington bureau boasts one of the strongest editing desks at The New York Times. And it is about to get even stronger. Thom Shanker, a gifted and intrepid Pentagon correspondent for the last 13 years – who has covered the beat during 9/11, two wars, and four secretaries of defense – will join our desk as weekend editor. Thom’s savvy and smart judgment will help guide our coverage, and be of great benefit to us on the weekends, when it often seems the world is exploding or about to explode.” We wish Thom well.
  • Sexual assault remains a laughing matter in the military.
  • A Buddhist student has won a settlement with a school district in the state of Louisiana where his religion was called “stupid.” Because this is the United States and believe it or not, we do have religious freedom here.
  • Decades later: A medal of honor for an Hispanic-American hero.
  • An Obamacare challenge could empower discrimination proponents.
  • A leaked file details American spying abroad. Oops.

Daily Wow: A bulldog is a girl’s best friend.

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