News Round-Up 3/24/14: AWOL Airplanes & the Cold War Redux

Happy Monday! In the District we are expecting snow tomorrow (casually in late March) and there’s a chill in the air following a pleasantly balmy weekend. As goes DC, so goes politics.

flickr / Ricymar Photography / the beauty of afghanistan
flickr / Ricymar Photography / the beauty of afghanistan

Assorted Stand-Outs:

South Asia:


  • From this morning’s FP Situation Report, regarding the AFP journalist and his family, nearly all of whom were killed in the recent Kabul hotel attack: “Sardar Ahmad was a “charming and talented journalist” for AFP in Kabul who had just told a tale of a lion who lived on a roof. AFP’s obit of the senior reporter for AFP in Kabul who was shot dead, along with his wife, Humaira, and two of their three children, in the recent attack by the Taliban at the Serena Hotel (the third child, not quite two, is in a coma): “…An AFP staff photographer identified the four bodies at a city hospital on Friday, and said the family’s infant son was undergoing emergency treatment after suffering serious wounds.This is an immensely painful and enormous loss for Agence France-Presse,’ AFP chairman Emmanuel Hoog said. He described Ahmad as a ‘dedicated and courageous journalist, a cornerstone of our team in Afghanistan who delivered, every day, exceptional coverage of the news in extremely difficult conditions.'” Ahmad’s final story on Marjan the lion is here, his obituary is here.
  • NYT: How an illusion of safety was shattered at the Kabul hotel.
  • Afghanistan becomes one of the only countries to recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Of the move, the NYT notes while including FP’s additions: “The Times‘ report also notes that while “becoming the first Western-backed democracy to express support for the widely denounced referendum in Crimea might seem an odd tack for Afghanistan, which is heavily dependent on assistance from the United States and European countries,” “Russia’s insistence that it is righting a historical wrong” and that Crimea should have never been ceded to Ukraine, resonates with Afghans, who have long believed they “were unjustly cut off from their brothers and sisters” in Pakistan when Britain created the Durand Line separating the two in 1947.” Moscow and Kabul are also having a dance of sorts.
  • The international community is also on edge following the Kabul attack, and valued parties are departing.
  • More BSA discussion.



Middle East & North Africa:

  • A group of 65 Middle East experts feel strongly that John Kerry should express more support for Tunisia’s small and infant democracy.

Israel & Palestine





  • FP: Libya is on the brink of war.



  • An Al-Qaeda attack has killed 20 Yemeni soldiers in an attack at a checkpoint in Hadramawt province.

Europe & Eurasia:





The Netherlands


Southeast Asia:


Central Africa:


  • The U.S. Army is preparing to up its game in the search for warlord Joseph Kony.

West Africa:


North America:


  • Why Canada is recognizing Jewish refugees from Arab countries.

United States

Daily Wow: Rape jokes in India challenged by comedian.


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