News Round-Up 3/25/14: 80 Years of Gloria & Russia’s Out of a Date for Eight

A snowy/”wintery mix” of a day for those of us in the District, stay warm and dry my little politicos. Today marks the 80th birthday of Gloria Steinem, one of Smith College’s finer alumna, as well as the day luckier and more enthusiastic souls are congregating at the Supreme Court on behalf of what really should be a woman’s G-d-given right to birth control and her own business. To those out in the snow, you are all champions worthy of riches beyond measure, give ’em hell, etc.


flickr / Jewish Women's Archives / gloria & all her friends
flickr / Jewish Women’s Archives / gloria & all her friends

Assorted Stand-Outs:


South Asia:




Middle East & North Africa:

Israel & Palestine

  • An open letter to the solider who shot and killed a 14 year old Palestinian boy.
  • The Israeli finance minister is  threatening to file charges against Foreign Ministry staff whose strike has had global implications.


  • UN Sec. General Ban-Ki Moon is thoroughly displeased with the Syrian government, citing the government’s non-compliance as a key factor in the current stalled peace talks and ongoing civil war. However he did make a point of calling out both sides for their contributions to the disaster.
  • More clashes near Syria’s border with Turkey.
  • Syrians in exile and their determination to return home.



  • FA: How the Jaafari Personal Status Law could set Iraqi women back decades.
  • The Cairo Review: Letter from Iraq.

Europe & Eurasia:

  • Opinion: Europe doesn’t need the U.S.’s fracked natural gas.




East Africa:


Latin America:


East Asia:


  • Furious and heartbroken Chinese families have gathered at the Malaysian embassy in Beijing following confirmation of the almost guaranteed deaths aboard the Malaysian missing plane.
  • Taiwanese police are breaking up riots over a trade deal.

Southeast Asia:

The Philippines

North America:

United States

Daily Wow: In pictures — Romania’s ‘rich’ Roma.   | Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart, for your daily happiness intake. 



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