News Round-Up 3/27/14: Russia Rebuked & Turkey Bids YouTube Adieu

Happy Thursday, everyone. It’s not snowing in the District, so it’s already a better day in late March than usual. 

Quote of the day: “I have no illusions or worry about the long-term future of Russia. Russia is now a gas station masquerading as a country.” — Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)

flickr / The Indignants / an idle no more protest waged on behalf of Native peoples
flickr / The Indignants / an idle no more protest waged on behalf of Native peoples

Assorted Stand-Outs:


South Asia:



Journalist and writer Ghazi Salahuddin said proficiency in English or any other second language could not be ensured without imparting education to the school beginners in their first language. He said children’s genius could only flourish by teaching them in their first language. He said English would remain a barrier to progress in Pakistan until this fact was recognised.

Dr Shahid Siddiqui, a linguistics scholar, discussed historical perspective of language evolution in Pakistan. Stressing the connection between the language and society, he termed linguistic capital a pivotal force guiding economic, cultural and social capital of any society.

At the time of independence, he said, Urdu became a strong language in Pakistan and now the same was true for English.

Dr Siddiqui stated that 27 out of 67 languages currently being spoken in Pakistan were endangered.

Earlier, British Council’s Director English Mussarat Shahid shared the key findings of the research and vowed that the council would go the extra mile to bridge the gap between the ever-increasing demand for the English language and the supply of fully-equipped institutions in this regard.

Sri Lanka


Middle East & North Africa:

Gulf States:

Israel & Palestine


  • 53.6% of Syria’s chemical weapons have been destroyed.
  • Many U.S. lawmakers are displeased with Obama over Syria and the administration’s failure to fully address the country’s crisis.


Europe & Eurasia:


  • The U.S. is quietly slamming Russia with more sanctions, Cold War redux continues. Obama also dissed Russia something epic.
  • Meanwhile NATO is ill-equipped to ‘deal’ with Russia, and cuts have hindered its ability to truly protect the Ukraine, should the need arise.
  • The ‘pivot‘ back to Europe.
  • Just how untouchable is Putin?
  • NYT: Cold War redux, language change, game change.




East Asia:


  • Some are worried that the U.S. is losing its ‘military edge’ over China and have come up with ‘solutions’.

North Korea

  • The Security Council is set to meet regarding North Korea’s missile firings.

Latin America:


  • Net neutrality wins in Brazil’s internet constitution, in a big move that could be an indicator of things to come on a more global scale.

North America:


United States

Daily Wow: Discovery of dwarf planet hints at other objects in solar system.


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