News Round-Up 4/3/14: Tragedy At Ford Hood & NATO Assembles

One more day til Friday. One. More. Day.

flickr / devcentre / babes hanging out
flickr / devcentre / babes hanging out

Edited to add:

Assorted Stand-Outs:

South Asia:

Southeast & East Asia:

Europe & Eurasia:

Middle East & North Africa:

Eastern, Western, & Central Africa:

  • Uganda‘s MPs are demanding a massive pay raise.
  • Following deaths from the incurable and deadly disease Ebola, Guinea‘s miners are in lockdown following 83 deaths within the country. The outbreak appears to have spread from the southeastern end of the country, near its iron ore reserves. The disease is also reported to have now reached the country’s capital city, Conakry.
  • Chad is withdrawing its peacekeeping force from the Central African Republic, in yet another blow to the country’s stability.
  • South Sudan will starve without help, says the UN.

Southern Africa:

  • South Africa‘s President Zuma is set to skip the upcoming EU-Africa summit. It is still unclear if the move is in solidarity with a call for leaders to boycott the summit from Zimbabwe’s Mugabe, whose wife was denied a visa to attend. Meanwhile, post-colonial resentments are looming over the meeting itself.


  • Colombian novelist and amazing human Gabriel García Márquez (who is 87 years old) has reportedly been hospitalized in Mexico City.
  • Chile‘s massive earthquake has now sparked a tsunami.
  • U.S.: Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein gained some key support in her quest to have a controversial and detailed Bush-era CIA torture report released: Independent Sen. Angus King (who caucuses with Democrats) and moderate Republican Sen. Susan Collins (both of Maine) have said they will support Feinstein’s efforts.
  • Ex-State Dept adviser J. Kim has been sentenced for leaking classified information to Fox News.
  • The conservative news organization Breitbart insists that a filmmaker who penned a tweet calling for the mass-killing of Muslims has no lingering ties to it.
  • A California bill is set to track the sterilization of female inmates.
  • One U.S. Native American tribe is in a bid to reclaim its land.
  • Citigroup is in trouble.

Daily Wow: In Pictures, witness the crackdown in Brazil’s favelas. | To body mod away from browness and black.


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