News Round-Up 4/4/14: All Afghanistan All The Time + We’re Never Finding That Plane

Happy Friday! It’s Maya Angelou’s birthday today, and we’ve survived a week of April! District residents, there’s a fireworks festival happening in honor of the cherry blossoms tomorrow at the Southwest waterfront.

reuters / karzai contemplates
reuters / karzai contemplates


Assorted Stand-Outs:

South Asia:

Southeast & East Asia:

  • South Korea has tested a missile that could theoretically strike the bulk of North Korea.
  • The underwater search for Malaysia‘s MH370 missing flight has begun.

Europe & Eurasia:

Middle East & North Africa:

  • Iraqi Deputy PM Mutlaq feels the U.S. needs to take a stand re: Iraq’s upcoming election.
  • Haaretz: Why Israel cannot represent world Jewry. Meanwhile in talks between Israel and Palestine, John Kerry thinks it’s reality check time.
  • Why Arab-Israelis have lower test scores, a hypothesis.
  • Over 1,000 rabbis have come together to encourage the mayor of Jerusalem not to pick Shmuel Eliyahu for chief rabbi, saying the choice would send a message of intolerance and divisiveness. Eliyahu is a known Islamophobe: “The letter notes that Eliyahu, chief rabbi of Safed, “made a halakhic ruling barring Jews from renting apartments to Arabs, opposed military service for women, characterized Arabs and Muslims in racist and humiliating terms, while the attorney general said his candidacy for [Sephardi] chief rabbi was inappropriate.” The rabbis told Barkat that appointing Eliyahu to the post would “send a message of divisiveness and intolerance” from Jerusalem.”
  • Libya’s ‘easy riders’, in pictures.
  • Counter to his previously conservative politics, one cleric’s shift towards democracy in Saudi Arabia is leaving many perplexed.

Eastern, Western, & Central Africa:



Daily Wow: To add to your daily intake of capitalism, here’s a continuation in the trend of portraying LGBTQ and interracial families in commercials. It is both cute and long-overdue. 


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