News Round-Up 4/7/14: Human Beings Are Not Bug Splats & Remembering Rwanda

Good afternoon, D.C., it is Monday. Hold tight. 

flickr / ciat / rwanda's eastern province
flickr / ciat / rwanda’s eastern province

Assorted Stand-Outs:

  • Portraits of reconciliation: Those who were victimized during the Rwandan genocide pose with the perpetrators who terrorized them, marking the 20th anniversary of the country’s nightmare.
  • As part of an AMAZING movement against drones, an installation in KP, Pakistan (heavily scarred by drone killings) will force drone operators to see the face of a child as opposed to a ‘bug splat’.
  • Former CIA Director Hayden says Dianne Feinstein is ‘too emotional‘, i.e. it’s probably her by now likely long-gone period that’s pissing her off as opposed to the CIA listening in on things they have no right to listen in on.
  • A controversial and fascinating recounting of the UN’s failure to protect civilians during the genocide in Darfur is at FP.
  • For the record, as a long-standing tradition, I ALWAYS root for Sri Lanka in cricket. Well, Sri Lanka won the World T20 final! Here’s a letter from a Sri Lankan cricket fan to Indian rivals.
  • FP has a slightly condescending pitch to make to transitional democracies and fragile states.
  • Just how much HAS CNN embarrassed itself with Malaysian plane coverage?
  • WaPo: Plotting the relationships between brains and beauty.

South Asia:

Southeast & East Asia:

Europe & Eurasia:

  • Initially expected to take on a more active role in the anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, France has stepped back significantly following critical comments from the government suggesting the French played a role in allowing the atrocities to occur. Also in France: Schools where the National Front party (a far-right party headed by the notorious Marine Le Pen) hold sway, alternatives to pork will no longer be offered in what is 110% an attempt to stick it to Muslim and Jewish students.
  • In the Ukraine, Russian sympathizers have seized buildings in the country’s eastern region. (Crisis updates here.) More on Ukraine’s pretty scary far-right nationalists at FP here.

Middle East & North Africa:

Eastern, Western, & Central Africa:

Sub-Saharan & Southern Africa:

  • Some suggestions for Zimbabwe as it stumbles towards economic recovery and more.



  • AJ: Has the ‘Pacific Solution’ solved anything in Australia?

Daily Wow: Not your tragic queer Muslim story.


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