News Round-Up 4/28/14: Memory, Power, & The News

Today is Yom HaShoah (יום השואה). A moment of silence for all those lost, particularly from the Jewish and Roma communities. Never forget.


Assorted Stand-Outs:

  • Yom HaShoah: Behind every name, a story.
  • Palestinian leader Abbas has issued a tragically underreported statement regarding the Holocaust. Via NYT: “President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority issued a formal statement on Sunday calling the Holocaust “the most heinous crime to have occurred against humanity in the modern era” and expressing sympathy with victims’ families. The statement, which grew out of a meeting a week ago between Mr. Abbas and an American rabbi who promotes understanding between Muslims and Jews, is the first such offering of condolences by the Palestinian leader.”
  • Hundreds of Montgomery County students marched through Rockville this weekend to draw awareness to the “achievement gap” which has left African-American and Hispanic-American students trailing their white and Asian-American counterparts. Via WaPo:

“This is truly a historical moment,” said Jorge Sanchez, 17, one of the organizers, addressing a cheering crowd of more than 400, after a 1.1-mile procession on a sunlit afternoon. Passing cars honked in support. Students chanted and waved handmade posters, and most wore black T-shirts reading “United Are We.”

South Asia:

  • Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan, who recently ordered serious action against against electricity and gas defaulters, must be a bit embarrassed right now: The gas supply to his own house (as well as to Parliament) has been cut off due to unpaid bills.
  • A serial killer in Lahore was reportedly out to stop the “evils” of homosexuality. He met, slept with, and murdered three gay men with whom he had been conversing online.
  • In Sindh, marriage below the age of 18 is now illegal. Also in Sindh: A blast in Karachi’s SITE area has killed 3 children.
  • In the Pakistani press, Hamid Mir’s attack has begun a battle.
  • Human rights protesters were tear-gassed this morning in Islamabad.
  • In the Afghan election, there has been a turn: Abdullah Abdullah now has a clear lead.
  • The Afghan Taliban’s chief military commander has stepped down.
  • Five British servicemen died tragically in southern Afghanistan in what appears to have been a mistake rather than a coordinated Taliban attack.
  • Indian election updates: Priyanka Gandhi’s increased role in Congress Party activities has met with some ire from the BJP. She fired back by calling party members “panicky rats.”

Southeast & East Asia:

Eurasia & Europe:

  • In Macedonia, the opposition is claiming election fraud. The victor is likely to be the ruling conservatives.
  • Even more sanctions against Russia. Unfazed, Russia has been holding talks with Iran.
  • The mayor of the Ukraine‘s second-largest city has been shot.
  • Attracting foreign students? Denmark wants to.
  • Ups and downs for Greece: Despite failing to meet economic goals, the troubled country has still managed to meet a bailout target.

Middle East & North Africa:

Eastern, Central, & Western Africa:

  • Inside Nigeria‘s Boko Haram, the group responsible for kidnapping 234 schoolgirls.
  • A new Nigerian movie appears to be hitting a nerve.
  • Peacekeepers are evacuating the last Muslims out of the capital of the Central African Republic. In the time following:

Within minutes of the convoy’s departure, an angry swarm of neighbors descended upon the areas’s mosque, stripping the house of worship of even its ceiling-­fan blades. “We didn’t want the Muslims here, and we don’t want their mosque here anymore either,” Guy ­Richard, 36, said as he and his friends made off with their loot.

Sub-Saharan & Southern Africa:



  • Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia, has stated that the search for debris from the missing Malaysian plane will shift to the ocean floor.

Daily Wow: Yom HaShoah in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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