Sans Papiers: The Social and Economic Lives of Young Undocumented Migrants

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Sans Papiers by Alice Bloch, Nando Sigona and Roger Zetter is finally in production – and with a new cover. It can be ordered on Pluto website for £19.50. The new cover is so new that it’s not yet on the website. So this is a bit of a premiere!

Sans Papiers, cover. Sans Papiers, cover.

Book synopsis from the back cover:

“Undocumented migration is a significant and much debated global phenomenon, yet little is known about the reality of the lives of those involved. This book combines theoretical and policy debates with an in-depth exploration of the lived experiences of undocumented migrants in the UK from Zimbabwe, China, Brazil, Ukraine and Turkish Kurdistan.
Built around their voices, the book provides a unique account of migratory processes, gendered experiences and migrant aspirations, exploring the challenges and contradictions of being a young undocumented migrant”

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