Binge drinking among gay teens lined to chronic stress, says study


3900_underage-drinking-1058283-flashCanada: Having to live in a homophobic environment and difficult social conditions of discrimination and victimization causes chronic stress that leads to binge drinking among gay and lesbian adolescent, says a study.

Gay and lesbian teens reported greater psychological distress when compared to their heterosexual peers and even experienced violence if they made their sexual orientation known says an IANS report.

The study was conducted by researchers from the Saban Research Institute of Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles who analyzed responses from 1,232 persons aged 12-18 years who took part in an online survey.

The findings were consistent with minority stress theory that says chronic stress due to discrimination, rejection, harassment, concealment of sexual orientation, internalized homophobia, negative attitudes toward same-sex relations and other negative experiences leads to poor health.

Internalized homophobia was a significant predictor of binge drinking, while violence or victimization was marginally associated with binge drinking, the…

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