News Round-Up 5/5/14: Isms Abound

reuters / the us secretary of state plays some soccer/futbol during a fuel stopover in cape verde
reuters / the us secretary of state plays some soccer/futbol during a fuel stopover in cape verde


Assorted Stand-Outs:

South Asia:

  • Hindus and other minorities are seeing a surge of violence in Pakistan, where religious minorities have frequently born the brunt of legal and social backlash.
  • Pakistan is set to begin imposing polio vaccinations in airports specifically throughout the province of Punjab, specifically for travelers from Sindh and KP provinces, as well as in general. Meanwhile, former Pakistani leader Zardari has asked the WHO to reconsider its travel restriction suggestions, arguing that the move will only serve to further isolate the country from the global community.
  • PIA has been accused of using an untrained crew for flights. Eeps.
  • Hearings on whether or not Geo News will be closed are set to begin on Tuesday.
  • In Afghanistan, slow aid and tragedy are plaguing Badakhshan province following a horrifying landslide. Meanwhile in an epic gaffe, Afghan officials posed for a picture only feet from grieving family members in a photo-op that has gone viral.
  • Modi is going “behind enemy lines” and campaigning in Gandhi strongholds, the latest in the Indian election saga. Other updates: Sonia Gandhi, India’s most powerful woman, is in a fight.

Southeast & East Asia:

Eurasia & Europe:

  • For Turkeythe rising cost of its Syrian quagmire is vast. Speaking of Eurasian countries and Syria, Anne Marie Slaughter says stopping Russia (re: Ukraine) starts in Syria.
  • In eastern Ukraine, pro-Russian militants and Ukrainians are fighting in an alarming and escalating pattern of violence. Most recent updates: A Ukrainian plane has been downed.
  • WaPo argues that Britain‘s economic growth is not a sign that austerity works.

Middle East & North Africa:

Eastern, Central, & Western Africa:

  • Hell is an understatement“: A report from the Central African Republic, where Christians have violently turned on Muslims.
  • Nigeria: The terrifying leader of Boko Haram is profiled in WaPo. Long story short: We know very little, and he is very, very scary.
  • Some more information on #BringBackOurGirls. Meanwhile, eight more girls have been abducted in Nigeria. Also the US is finally becoming involved, despite the fact that the girls have been missing for weeks now. Your blogger is unimpressed with Western involvement in the kidnapping thus far.
  • The Obama administration has signed a new lease to keep a strategic military installation in Djibouti, a small country in the Horn of Africa with key access to Somalia and Yemen, where counterterrorism operations are continually underway.

Sub-Saharan & Southern Africa:

  • ANC, the party of Nelson Mandela, is counting on the past to see it through South Africa‘s upcoming elections as President Jacob Zuma’s approval rating plummets.


Daily Wow: The ‘Look Different’ Campaign. Hmm. Thoughts?


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