News Round-Up 5/7/14: Yingluck Is Out & Wonkblog Is All About New Words For Climate Change

reuters / prime minister yingluck has been ousted in thailand
reuters / prime minister yingluck has been ousted in thailand

Assorted Stand-Outs:

South Asia:

Southeast & East Asia:

  • A Thai court has ousted Prime Minister Yingluck, the source of much controversy and many protests.
  • Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, will offer shares in the US. If you follow any publication ever, you have likely read about this. And if you majored in the humanities, it is possible that, like me, you had to google Alibaba.
  • The Philippines have seized a Chinese boat in a conflict that may well escalate. The charges essentially boil down to an accusation (directed at the Chinese) of stealing endangered sea turtles.
  • and then there’s China and Vietnam.
  • To add to the tragedy of the South Korean ferry, a diver reportedly died while attempting to locate the bodies of missing passengers.
  • Christie’s is voluntarily returning a statue to its rightful home, Cambodia.

Eurasia & Europe:

  • Breaking: Putin announces pullback from Ukrainian border.
  • As Ukraine‘s election looms, both Russia and the US are vying for power and influence.
  • The new target in the Ukraine? Journalists.
  • Boston College will return interviews to interviewees from Northern Ireland who spoke about the Troubles and who are now concerned their words may be used against them following the arrest of Sinn Fein leader and former IRA strongman Gerry Adams.
  • The Vatican has ousted 848 priests over the course of the past decade for sexual abuse.
  • The view of Europe from a British perspective is facing a test.

Middle East & North Africa:

  • Syrian rebels have departed from Homs, the symbolic stronghold of the resistance, which will now go to the Syrian military. The President of the Syrian Opposition Forces gave his first public address in DC today.
  • Susan Rice will be traveling today to Israel and talking Iran to boot.
  • Opinion: American Prospect weighs in on Israel building in the settlements.
  • The White House is set to provide lawmakers access to the papers authorizing the killing of an American citizen in Yemen.
  • Al-Sisi, likely to be the next president of Egypt, is claiming in a new interview that Obama administration members asked forces to hold off on ousting former leader Morsi.
  • Saudi Arabia says it has broken up an Al-Qaeda-linked “terror cell.”
  • Rights groups are accusing Lebanon of turning away Syrian Palestinian refugees.
  • CFR: How personal politics drive conflict in the Gulf States.

Eastern, Central, & Western Africa:


  • After months of turbulent protests, Venezuela‘s government has been accused of human rights violations.
  • As criticisms pile up and work remains undone, Brazil is dropping some of its World Cup projects. The country has faced sharp rebukes and international eyebrow arching in the wake of its failure to adhere to traditional FIFA expectations regarding the event.
  • Mary Jane news: The government of Uruguay has set terms for sales of marijuana.
  • US Political Daily Drama: Scott Brown, formerly the MA senator, is in a sharp race with actual New Hampshire senator Shaheen.
  • Former FL Gov. Charlie Crist says it was the GOP’s issue with African Americans that led to his breaking with the party.
  • I did not know Clay Aiken was running for office. I apologize.


  • In a controversial policy decision to cull sharks, Australia has caught more than 170 of the animals. The decision came after six people died in shark attacks off the continent nation’s coasts, and has raised the ire of environmental activists. None of the sharks caught were great white sharks, on whom all of the attacks have been blamed.
  • Australia and Indonesia are going at it over asylum seekers.

Daily Wow: The South African election in photos.


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