Breaking: US Charges China With Cyber-Spying Crimes

Via WaPo and here from NYT:

WASHINGTON — The Department of Justice on Monday will announce charges it has filed against several individuals in China’s People’s Liberation Army, accusing them of stealing trade secrets from American companies and marking the first time the United States has charged government employees with economic espionage, according to law enforcement officials.

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. was scheduled to announce the charges at 10 a.m. The names of the companies that were hacked are expected to be revealed in documents to be unsealed on Monday.

In a separate case, the department will announce charges against several people who used a hacking software called Blackshades. The software allows hackers to remotely control a computer.

The announcement about the Chinese will most likely increase the tensions between American and Chinese officials, who in recent years have accused each other in public and in private of using military assets to launch hacks and cyberattacks.




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