Top LGBT film festival resorts to crowd funding for support in anti-gay India


KASHISH logo - JPEGIndia: Asia’s and India’s biggest LGBT film festival has turned to social media and crowd funding to raise finances.

Organizers of Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival said this was done to give audience a feeling of ownership and deepen their engagement with the festival.

This will be its fifth edition and scheduled to run May 22-25 in Mumbai, the major center of Indian cinema.

This year the festival made use of two platforms for its crowd funding campaign. It engaged with Indiegogo to seek support from Indians and other South Asians who live abroad and also tied up with Wishberry for support from people across India.

Incentives for supporters include shout out on the festival’s Facebook page, DVDs, special seats and passes to the exclusive invite only red carpet opening party.

“We are seeing a very enthusiastic response from our South Asian friends in US and Europe who believe in…

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