New article: “The International Criminal Court and the Politics of Prosecutions”

Justice in Conflict

I have a new article out in The International Journal of Human Rights that JiC readers might be interested in.*  If anyone does not have access to the journal through their library’s subscriptions, they are free to contact me for a copy. Here’s the link and the abstract:

I assess the credibility of the International Criminal Court (ICC) as an impartial and independent institution by demonstrating how state behaviour towards the Court has politicised prosecutions. There are two mechanisms by which prosecutions have become politicised: the referrals of conflict situations to the ICC by political actors, i.e. States Parties to the Rome Statute and United Nations Security Council, and the prospect and degree of state cooperation with the Court. Consequently prosecutions have targeted only one side of the conflict and reflect the strategic political interests of the referring actors but promise a greater degree of state cooperation. The case studies…

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