News Round-Up 6/8/14: Welcome To Weekly Round-Ups!

Happy end-of-the-weekend! It was a busy week for news and sadly a busy week for your blogger, so not much of it was reported in a timely manner. Below is a recap of the past week and a departure from the blog’s initial format (daily/breaking). We’ll try out this new formula and see how it goes.

faisalsaeed / menora beach, karachi, pakistan

Assorted Stand-Outs:

South Asia:

Southeast & East Asia:

Europe & Eurasia:

Middle East & North Africa:

  • At his swearing-in, Egypt’s new premier, al-Sisi, vowed to lead an “inclusive” country. Meanwhile Egypt’s revolutionary youth movement are preparing for the coming wave of oppression.
  • Iranian premier Rouhani is being accused of attempting to separate his administration from religion. Also in Iranian news, couples are being encouraged to have more children — but not many are taking the bait.
  • Allegations of racism are emerging in ultra-Orthodox schools in Israel. Ashkenazi Jewish parents have increasingly made movements against sending their children to schools with Sephardic Jewish children.
  • Israeli and Palestinian officials came together with the Pope for a day of prayer.

Sub-Saharan Africa:


  • In Quebec, Canada, three inmates escaped in the latest series of helicopter hijinks.
  • An ambush and shooting that left three Mounties dead in Moncton, New Brunswick may have been resolved: Justin Bourque has been arrested and taken into police custody.
  • A revolt from indigenous Mapuches is threatening Chile with fire and more.
  • Elections are being thrown into question as Haiti’s ex-presidents stir the pot.
  • As everyone and their pet dog has heard, the Obama administration brokered a deal to free the USA’s only POW, Bowe Bergdahl. In the time since then, congressional Republicans have been enjoying roasting the president and the president has been defiant as all heck. Still, it remains clear that bringing him home was a top priority.
  • A shooting at a university in Seattle left one dead and two severely injured.
  • Sec. Burwell has officially been confirmed as the new head of HHS.
  • Oklahoma says goodbye to the Common Core.


  • The latest gift from global warming? WWII’s dead are washing up on the shore.

Daily Wow: Where new Americans came from in 2013 and where they live now.


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