Weekly News Round-Up 6/9/14-6/13/14: Hillary, Karachi, Cantor, & Guns

Publishing late Sunday night? Not such a great decision. Let’s give Friday afternoon a go and see how it is! The big stories this week: Karachi’s airport attack…and its second, Bowe Bergdahl, Hillary v. Terry Gross, goodbye Eric Cantor, Iraq’s escalating sh**show, shooting after shooting, and this blog’s personal favorite…THE WORLD CUP. Congrats to Brazil and Mexico so far, while Spain v. the Netherlands rages. 

Assorted Stand-Outs:

AFP / Getty Images
AFP / Getty Images

South Asia:

Southeast & East Asia:

Europe & Eurasia:

Middle East & North Africa:

Sub-Saharan Africa:



  • Australia may be hit with sanctions over a change in terminology.
  • Malaysia and Australia are in talks over the bill for the flight 370 search. Malaysia wants it split 50-50, the Aussies are not so keen.

Weekly Wows: The CIA is on Twitter. | Why the West still feels like the “real” America. | The World Cup of food. 


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