Sunday Findings: This is a post about Texas and a post about rainbows

Happy Sunday, all. It’s hot and sunny in the District. This blog is bouncing around, but as always supports all things queer and all things Texan. On that note…

Via Autostraddle:

Many of Texas’s major cities are rejecting the hardline GOP stance. At the end of May, Houston passed HERO, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, a comprehensive non-discrimination ordinance that advances the rights of LGB and trans people in housing, public accommodations, employment and more. The ordinance also includes race, military service, disability, sex, pregnancy and other groups in its protections. Houston Mayor Annise Parker, the first openly gay mayor of a major American city, called it her “most personally satisfying” act as mayor. The cities of Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, San Antonio, Waco, Brownsville and Walker and Dallas Counties also prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexuality and gender. Public support for marriage equality is increasing steadily — a recent poll from Texas Tech University found that 48% support it and 47% oppose it. And in 2012 the Texas Democratic Party became the first southern Democratic Party to include same-sex marriage in its platform. The state’s marriage ban is currently going through the U.S. Court of Appeals after a U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia ruled it unconstitutional in February.

So I understand why the GOP is scared. They’ve gotten pretty comfortable holding every statewide office and a majority in both houses of the legislature for the last couple decades. They’re digging their heels into the sand as the tide turns. But hateful platform language and fist shaking will not stop the ocean. Texas is too big to smother with such small ideas. My queerness doesn’t need repairing, but the GOP does.



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