The Fragility of a Deteriorating Arabic?

Arabic Literature (in English)

Let’s set aside whether Arabic(s) is/are really deteriorating — or whether they’re in a process of change — and focus on novelist Iman Humaydan’s other arguments, about schooling, censorship, and how many students don’t believe that “their mother tongue is capable of reflecting their inner selves”:

_548896_i0Humaydan, an award-winning novelist whose beautiful novel Other Lives was recently published in translation by Michelle Hartman, recently taught a seminar in Arabic at the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program for teens, Between the Lines.

The Lebanese novelist told the Daily Star that, “The Arabic tongue is deteriorating, not only because of globalization and the mainstream English language, but because the educational system in the Arab World is connecting the language to social values that are no longer convenient for the youth.”

If we walk around the first argument — since it would take a great deal yet to really show…

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