Weekly News Round-Up 7/20/15-7/24/15: If I Die in Police Custody

Stories of the Week

Did Sandra Bland commit suicide? The young African American woman was arrested following an altercation with police officers and died three days later in prison. The police are calling it a suicide, but activists question their version of events. An official investigation indicates that Bland likely did commit suicide, and many are making a point of noting she had previously attempted suicide. Others argue she was excited to start a new job, and would not have taken her life so rashly. Either way, another black American has died in an incident relating to the police. Relevant: the hashtag #IfIDieInPoliceCustody was recently trending on Twitter.

Iran redux. Now that the P5+1 powers have struck a deal with Iran over its nuclear enrichment program, the if at all possible MORE ornery American Congress will need to approve the deal. The UN quickly approved it this week, but the stage has been set for a showdown in Washington and John Kerry (leg crutches still visible) ended his week on an aggressive note as lawmakers showered him with questions and comebacks. Meanwhile, the Washington Post has taken the case regarding their reporter, Jason Rezaian, straight to the UN. Rezaian has been held in Iran for over a year without any real allegations being released or verified.

Republicans fighting and running for President in the USA. See below for more information.

(light brigading | flickr)
(Light Brigading | Flickr)

Blues Buzz

Regional Updates

South Asia:

(prachatai | flickr)
(Prachatai | fFickr)

Southeast & East Asia:

  • Japanese company Mitsubishi has apologized for using American POW labor during WWII.
  • A Burmese general was interviewed (a rare occurrence) and noted that the current coup-led government will not abdicate until relations with the country’s rebels have been normalized.

Europe & Eurasia:

Middle East & North Africa:

Sub-Saharan Africa:

  • Avian flu is spreading across much of West Africa.
  • Here‘s some backstory on the ethnic cleansing in Sudan.
  • Burundi was hit with explosions just before a controversial vote.
  • Human rights activists are up in arms over American president Obama’s visit to Ethiopia, which has a terrible record with regards to journalists in particular.
(Official US Navy Page | Flickr)
(Official US Navy Page | Flickr)



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(DigBoston | Flickr)

Blue Out: A striking photo from the South Carolina white supremacist rally. | Veterans, in a new light.