Weekly News Round-Up 7/27/15-7/31/15: Trump Card

Stories of the Week

Mike Huckabee & the Holocaust. Rarely-thought of presidential candidate Mike Huckabee put his foot in it this week when he described the newly-struck deal between Iran and the P5+1 powers as an agreement that would march Israelis to the “doors [of the] ovens.” This was a Holocaust reference and went over very poorly — with Jews, with Democrats, and with many Republicans.

Malaysian Plane 317 returns. The plane disappeared over a year ago, after taking off from Kuala Lumpur and heading to Beijing. Contact was lost with the pilot and the plane has never been found — except now what may be a piece of the plane has appeared on a French island near Madagascar. Is it actually related to the flight? Unclear, but CNN will have hourly coverage for the next few months in all likelihood. Update: Markings and numbers on the piece indicate it is in fact from the plane.

Mullah Omar’s death. The leader of the nefarious Afghan Taliban, to whom all Taliban theoretically pledge allegiance, is dead. Reports indicate he died in 2013, and that Pakistan had informed Kabul of his death. However, the government had been unable to verify the reports until recently. How Omar’s death will affect ongoing peace talks between Afghanistan and the Taliban is unknown; however, he was a hardliner and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani expressed optimism regarding the future of the talks. In the interim, a new leader has been selected and peace talks have been briefly suspended.

(flickr | gage skidmore)
(flickr | gage skidmore)

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Regional Updates

South Asia:

  • In Indian Punjab a gun battle broke out between police officers and gunmen officials believe came from Indian-administered Jammu & Kashmir on Monday. Indian authorities are investigating whether the source of the dispute came from Pakistan.
  • The former president of India has died at 83.
  • India has executed Yakub Memon, the 1993 Mumbai attacker.
  • Pakistani officials are at war with the controversial MQM party.
  • Malik Ishaq, the leader of a Pakistani terrorist group, is said to have died this week in a shootout.
  • Pakistan is dropping English as an official language. While English-language education will continue, Urdu will be increasingly emphasized as a means of striving for inclusion, particularly for the country’s poor.
  • At least 20 people were killed in an attack on a wedding party in northern Afghanistan.
  • Mullah Omar, the leader of the Taliban, is reportedly dead. It is believed he died in 2013. His replacement has already been selected.

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