Weekly News Round-Up 8/10/15-8/14/15: Alphabet That

Stories of the Week

Ferguson anniversary. A year after Michael Brown was killed, another man was also shot by police. A state of emergency was promptly declared. Violence between protesters and law enforcement has been escalating throughout the week.

Google the Alphabet. The internet giant will now operate its many components under the larger name Alphabet. The search engine will retain its name, however, so we don’t have to alter our grammar to include “I’ll alphabet that.”

Chinese explosions. Mysterious explosions ripped through a Chinese city mid-week and left devastation everywhere. They are believed to be linked to chemicals and industrial work, but not much else is known, and they are quite terrifying. Dozens have been killed and over a hundred people injured.

(flickr | china supertrends)
(flickr | china supertrends)

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Blue Out: NASA astronauts have eaten food grown in space for the first time.