Weekly News Round-Up 8/17/15-8/21/15: Birthright & Bangkok

Stories of the Week

Bombing in Bangkok. The city’s popular Erawan shrine was bombed this week, with around 20 casualties and over a hundred people injured. A second bombing occurred some time later. It’s very unclear who was behind the attacks; tensions between Buddhists and Muslims are always high, but the shrine is Hindu in origin and the government has ruled out Muslim involvement from the Thai Malay minority. Uighurs from China, however, remain a possibility.

Ashley Madison. The website, which offers the tagline “Life is short. Have an affair.” has been hacked. What’s more, the information of its many clients has now been leaked, leading to outcomes ranging from embarrassment to serious danger for those in countries where adultery is legally punishable.

The Donald and birthright. The GOP’s current #1 headache (and leading candidate) has officially unveiled his immigration plan. It calls for the recall of the 14th Amendment (essentially) and suggests birthright citizenship should be overturned. Moreover, it has royally angered both the Mexican government and numerous Latinos who have voting power in the next election. Well.

(hidetsugu tonomura | flickr)
(hidetsugu tonomura | flickr)

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Regional Updates

South Asia:

  • A senior provincial minister in the Pakistani province of Punjab was killed by a bomb.
  • Hamid Gul, former ISI spy chief, has died.
  • The US has found Pakistani action against the Haqqani Network to be insufficient.
  • Pakistan has summoned its Afghan envoy over the “blame game” currently going on between the two countries.
  • Kashmiri separatists have been invited by the Pakistani High Commission in Delhi to join high-level talks.
  • Sri Lankans are headed to the polls.
  • Three people have been arrested in connection with the murders of secular bloggers in Bangladesh.

Southeast & East Asia:

  • The US has warned China about using secret agents to track down fugitives in the country.
  • Residents displaced by last week’s deadly explosions in China are demanding compensation.
  • An Indonesian passenger plane crashed this weekend in Papua.
  • Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, was bombed this week. A second explosion came a day after the first.
  • North & South Korea exchanged fire this week, further eroding any ties the two nations barely had.

Europe & Eurasia:

Middle East & North Africa:

Sub-Saharan Africa:



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