Weekly News Round-Up 8/30/15-9/4/15: No Refuge

Stories of the Week

Refugees in Europe. With few options available, refugees from the MENA region and South Asia are flooding Europe’s shores and pushing onwards to Western Europe. Countries like Germany have agreed to take in refugees (in the hopes of spurring other EU members to do the same), but the UK has only taken a handful. Meanwhile both Hungary and Bulgaria have erected walls to keep asylum-seekers out, and Hungary in particular has been vicious towards the desperate masses filling its train stations.

Iran deal is a deal. Maryland’s Mikulski became the 34th vote required for President Obama to have a veto-proof majority for the Iran deal. While a filibuster-empowered majority may not be in the cards, Obama now has the full number needed to ensure that the deal passes smoothly.

That one clerk in Kentucky. Kim Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky, is refusing to issue marriage licenses in the state of Kentucky despite an American Supreme Court ruling that she is required to. As of Thursday, Davis was arrested and held in contempt of court. This has less to do with Davis’ religious beliefs (which she clams prevent her from issuing marriage licenses) and more to do with the fact that her job requires her to issue the licenses.

(international federation of the red cross | flickr)
(international federation of the red cross | flickr)

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Regional Updates

South Asia:

  • Ambassador Susan Rice (US) has urged Pakistan to do more to combat militancy.
  • The Afghan Taliban have admitted to concealing the death of Mullah Omar.
  • Floods in India have displaced thousands of people.
  • Ten major workers’ unions in India are on strike over the Modi government’s reforms.

Southeast & East Asia:

Europe & Eurasia:

Middle East & North Africa:

Sub-Saharan Africa:



  • Investigators believe the conditions at Nauru migrant detention center, where Australia frequently sends refugees, are unlivable.

Blue Out: Apparently you won’t feel like an adult until you’re 29.