Weekly News Round-Up 9/6/15-9/11/15: Apple Pencils For All

Stories of the Week

Refugees in need. Running from violence and unthinkable horrors at home, refugees from countries across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia, many of them Syrian and Afghan, have reached Europe and are heading further into the continent. Western nations oceans away, like the US and Australia, have been of little assistance — the US will take 10,000 refugees next year, and Australia will take 12,000. Meanwhile Eastern and Western European countries alike are overwhelmed. A plan has been put forward for Europe to take up to 160,000 refugees, which will hardly solve the problem. Certain countries, like Hungary, have shown extreme hostility to the point of abuse towards the refugees, many of whom have endured horrific events and are only seeking aid. (Reminder that the crisis is everywhere, people only care about Europe now because Western nations are involved.)

Iran deal, done deal? American President Obama reached the needed number of Democratic supporters for the Iran deal to filibuster this week. On Thursday Democrats overturned Republicans in order to pass the deal. Of course, Republicans have threatened to do whatever they can to stop the deal, including sue. As of Friday morning, that remains a possibility. (The NYT also made a point of profiling Jewish lawmakers who voted for and against the deal, which is questionable.)

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(Takver | Flickr)

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  • The case of 43 missing Mexican students is being revisited by skeptical investigators.
  • The bitter irony hiding in the expulsion of Colombians from Venezuela is pretty depressing, actually.
  • Here’s how Guatemala’s president was brought down.
  • Brazil’s credit rating has been downgraded.
  • Haiti’s leading opposition party has pulled out of elections.
  • Kim Davis, the American county clerk from Kentucky who refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses, was released from prison mid-week.


Blue Out: This one guy decided if he wasn’t a white guy his poetry would be more popular. | Zombie viruses are an unfortunate global warming byproduct.