Weekly News Round-Up 9/13/15-9/18/15: That Face

Stories of the Week

EU at any cost. Desperate refugees, the bulk of them from Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, have been pouring into Europe for weeks. But countries like Hungary do not want them, and have put in place a number of measures (including razor wire and police squads) to deter them. Of course, there’s no stopping desperate people, so the refugees are merely re-routing themselves through Croatia and even eyeing Schengen member Slovenia as they head to their ultimate destination, generally Germany or Scandinavia.

Worst PR move ever in Egypt. The Egyptian government screwed up epically when it fired on (and killed) numerous Mexican tourists. AND THEN they tried to say it was all the tourists’ fault for being where they weren’t supposed to be without permits. AND THEN information came to light indicating they did have permits, and also had a guide. AND THEN the casualty rate was higher than first reported. Mexican officials and grieving family members have gone to Egypt to sort the mess out.

Republicans debate, all ten thousand of them. The GOP’s potential contenders all warred it out this Wednesday to see who would become the part nominee. Carly Fiorina by all accounts won the night (albeit while delivering some extreme misinformation on Planned Parenthood.) Frontrunners Donald Trump and Ben Carson fared more poorly, while Marco Rubio saw a bit of a rise. The main takeaway? It is very unclear who will be the Republican nominee.

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(Gage Skidmore | Flickr)

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Regional Updates

South Asia:

Southeast & East Asia:

Europe & Eurasia:

Middle East & North Africa:

  • In a tragic sequence of events, the Egyptian military mistook a group of Mexican tourists and their guides for terrorists and killed 12 people while leaving an additional dozen wounded.
  • Egypt’s cabinet has also quit, which isn’t great news.
  • A Mecca crane killed over a hundred pilgrims making the hajj in Saudi Arabia.
  • Clashes between Jews and Palestinians marked the beginning of the High Holy Days in Israel.
  • Yemen’s prime minister returned to Aden months after fleeing.

Sub-Saharan Africa:



  • A young refugee on Manus Island (where refugees are held while Papua New Guinea re-writes its refugee policies) was reportedly assaulted violently by a guard.
  • Malcolm Turnbull has ousted Tony Abbott as prime minister of Australia.

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