Weekly News Round-Up 11/01/15-11/06/15: More Problems With Planes

Stories of the Week

Plane down. A Russian plane crashed in Egypt’s Sinai desert at the beginning of the week, killing all 224 people (the vast majority of whom were Russian) on board. What caused the crash, however, remains a mystery. The Islamic State (also known as Daesh/ISIS) has an affiliate in the region who has claimed responsibility. The Russian and Egyptian governments both dispute this claim, but the US has noted that terrorism cannot be ruled out. In the meantime, many airlines are re-routing their flight paths to avoid the area.

Conservative revolt. In the US a series of ballot measures and elections yielded the same results: a sweep for conservatives. An LGBTQ rights bill failed in Houston, Texas, while Kentucky ushered in a Tea Party Republican. The main takeaway: pollsters got this round very, very wrong, and many are concerned their models are off.

Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership. Read it and weep, kids.

Sunrise over the Sinai Peninsula (Gwilym Owen - Flickr)
Sunrise over the Sinai Peninsula (Gwilym Owen – Flickr)

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Regional Updates

South Asia:

Southeast & East Asia:

  • The editor-in-chief of a newspaper in a volatile Chinese region has been expelled by the Communist party.
  • The presidents of China and Taiwan are set to dine together this Saturday, an historic moment that has many critics concerned that China is trying to influence Taiwanese elections.
  • Burma is readying itself for upcoming elections.

Europe & Eurasia:

  • A Russian plane crashed mid-flight over Egypt’s Sinai desert, killing over 200 people. The incident has been the source of some controversy; a militant group affiliated with Daesh/ISIS is claiming responsibility, but the Russian government strongly disputes that.
  • The AKP has regained its footing in Turkey — election results indicate President Erdoğan has tightened his hold on power. A leftist pro-Kurdish party, the HDP, however, also made notable gains.
  • Romania’s prime minister has resigned in the wake of a tragedy that saw a nightclub set on fire.

Middle East & North Africa:

Sub-Saharan Africa:



  • Making a last-ditch effort to be heard before climate change talks in Paris, a group of Pacific islands (including Fiji) met early in the week to strategize.

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