Weekly News Round-Up 11/22-11/27/15: Travel Alerts & Tragedy

Stories of the Week

Mali targeted. Once one of West Africa’s most secure democracies, Mali has experienced instability every since its democratically-elected government was overthrown in a coup. Ever since, terrorism has plagued the country, and in a spurt of violence militants took over a hotel late last week. An Al Qaeda affiliate is believed to be responsible. Dozens of people were killed, and the attack came at a dark time. The world is on high alert following attacks across the Middle East and Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa’s inclusion indicates the end of 2015 will be a bloody one.

Brussels shutdown. With much of Europe and the Middle East on high alert, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Belgium city of Brussels, where a great deal of terror activity appears to be sourced, has been under scrutiny. Last weekend, however, it was on complete lockdown. Its residents took to Twitter with cat memes, which should please all who find the government’s antics a bit over-the-top.

Worldwide travel alert…for Americans. As a response to numerous threats the world over, the State Department cautioned all Americans regarding any travel this week. That didn’t stop your blogger, but it might well have encouraged others to reign in their potential forays into the outside world.

Black lives still matter. A horrific video detailing the execution of a black teenager by a white cop has been released by the Chicago police department. The shooting occurred over a year ago but the video was never released until a journalist pushed for it following a tip from a whistleblower. The officer responsible is being charged with murder, but that hasn’t stopped mass protests from erupting. The incident coincided with the shooting of several #BlackLivesMatter activists, who were targeted by (presumably) white supremacists.

Vladimir Putin and David Cameron meet at the G20. (Number 10 - Flickr)
Vladimir Putin and David Cameron meet at the G20. (Number 10 – Flickr)

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  • Australia will not send troops to fight Daesh/ISIS, according to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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