About the Blues

A Note On Background

The Blues is and are:

A millennial-driven news hub, formerly daily now weekly due to job constraints. Focused on weeding out the nitty gritty from all the noise and presenting it for your personal reading enjoyment. Some emphasis on the MENA region, South Asia, minority politics and hot button issues, decidedly liberal slant. Biases and interests owned and acknowledged. No, the Americas section will not be moved to the top.

A Note On Sections & Regions

This blog provides a weekly news round-up of headlines from a range of publications. These articles are predominately divided on a regional basis. For many countries, their region is disputed or may be assigned a different name depending on preference. This blog divides all countries into the following categories: South Asia, Southeast & East Asia, Europe & Eurasia (including Central Asian countries), the Middle East & North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Americas, and Oceania (consisting of Australia, New Zealand, and their nearest island neighbors, as well as, on rare occasion, the continent of Antarctica). Blues Buzz is a category usually featuring a blend of general and/or broad headlines (this category can at times lean towards US-centric domestic news and cultural content). Blue Out, featured at the bottom of each post, generally consists of interesting/odd headlines with no real place elsewhere in the update. Top trending stories of the week will be quickly recapped at the beginning of every post.

A Note On Comments

The Blues has never really had a big commenting presence and comments were phased out predominately for that reason. That having been said, this is a blog aimed at appealing to a range of people within reason. All readers should feel free to reach out with questions or comments, and, above all, suggestions and requests.

A Note On Sources

The chief publications this site draws on are:

Al Monitor

The Atlantic


Foreign Policy



The New York Times



Radio Free Asia

Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Liberty



The Washington Post

+ a slew of others.

*Your blogger works for or has worked with this publication

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